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Driving Traffic to your Blog Posts and Articles with Redgage

by DamienR (follow)
Photographer and writer.
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Redgage is a social network that pays its users a small CPM for uploading photos, videos, blog posts/articles and links. This makes Redgage a great platform for bloggers and other online content creators. Redgage does have some pros and cons, which we will outline but first, let’s look at how and why you want to contribute your work.

Redgage Logo

Redgage Basics

To upload content, you must first have an account and be signed in. If you don’t have an account, you can sign up directly off the Redgage main page.

Once logged in, simply click on the Upload button located at the top of the Redgage page. This will allow you to choose the type of content you wish to up upload, either a photo, blog post, video or link. Each upload will require you to input different parameters, like a description and tags. For most online writers, it will all look pretty familiar and intuitive.

Redgage Logo

Redgage for Bloggers

Bloggers can use different Redgage features to drive traffic. The most obvious is to upload links. Unfortunately the links area of Redgage is the least visited section of the site. While uploading a link to each post or article you write won’t bring in a ton of traffic, it will provide a quality backlink for each link added. Between gaining a little traffic and a backlink, it is a definite win when compared to the time spent uploading.

Redgage Links and Backlinks
Links on Redgage

Redgage also provides a blogging platform. Since Redgage only pays a small CPM to its users, I wouldn’t recommend writing long posts for the site with the hope of generating a large amount of revenue, however microblogging is a quick and easy way to bring readers to your more detailed work. For example, let’s say you run a travel blog for the small town you live in and you biked a long trail over the weekend. When you got home you wrote a long detailed blog post about all of the great sites. Writing a small post on Redgage, maybe one or two hundred words, about one part of the trail and then linking your blog at the end, is a great way to move people from Redgage to your travel blog.

Uploading photos is another great way to bring attention to you and your writing. Here's another example, let’s say you run a website that reviews Android apps, you can upload screen shots of the apps you review, then put a link to the review in the description of the photo. Now, unfortunately the description section on Redgage photos doesn’t translate links into hyperlinks, but the photos section is visited often by Redgage users. Uploading to this section will help you build an audience, drive traffic to your profile and ultimately, to your websites and blogs.

Redgage Logo
Uploading a photo to Redgage is easy

Lastly, you can also update your status on Redgage, which Facebook users will recognize and appreciate. Status updates will be seen by your Redgage friends and subscribers.

Redgage Pros and Cons

The best thing about Redgage is the community. Most people on the site are there to share and are generally happy social people. Those who use the site in the hopes of pushing thousands of hits to their blog or product website in the first week usually don’t last too long. Like any social network, it takes time to build up an audience but that’s part of the fun and makes success feel all that much more gratifying.

Redgage also pays a CPM that fluctuates depending on how often you submit new content combined with your content's popularity. My CPM has bounced from as little as $0.59 to as much as $1.09, so it won’t make you rich but it can become another small revenue stream while building an audience for your other online projects. Unfortunately, the method of payment could use some serious revision. Redgage pays out at $25. Payouts can be requested as soon as the cap has been met. Once requested, Redgage will mail you a prepaid credit card with the payout amount on it minus an administration cost and, if it is your first time using the card, an activation fee. Subsequent payouts only have the admin fee deducted. It’s not ideal, but Redgage is steadfast in it’s opposition to services like Paypal.

Redgage Earnings
Earnigns are low but steady

The one major con in my opinion, besides the payment method, is the site’s stability. Redgage launched a new site design in 2013 and it has been buggy ever since. Only recently did it start working with Firefox at all. Things do seem to be shaping up, but it can be frustrating to use Redgage when the functionality isn’t there.

Redgage Final Verdict

Although not even a power-user could make a modest second income on Redgage alone, it is a great community and when it comes to blogs, a receptive community can be much more valuable. Users can friend each other and subscribe to the them to see everything a user posts. When the site is working properly, the upload process is also fast and easy, plus you can earn a little extra cash for participating. In terms of social media, Redgage is a no-brainer for bloggers.

Redgage Friends and Subscribers

Once you are up and running on Redgage, be sure to friend me!

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